Free from allergies

Our rooms and apartments offer the perfect mix of vacation fun and special conditions for those suffering from allergies, not least due to our location in the mountains at an elevation of 1,550 m.

Due to its lack of allergens and natural radiation levels, a high mountain climate (from 1,500 m) is considered favorable, especially for children, who are exposed to mainly continental air in the lowlands. The body's defenses are strengthened, and thus, our high altitude is an ideal climate for allergy treatment. 

What makes a vacation in the high mountains (above 1,500 m) so special?

Clean air and lack of pollen (there are hardly any deciduous trees) have a gentle effect. Dust mites don't tolerate ultraviolet radiation, the cold, and especially the dryness of a high-altitude climate, so they are generally not found at these elevations.

Temperature and humidity are lower than in the lowlands, and the wind is generally stronger. The ultraviolet radiation increases with altitude and reduces a tendency towards recurring infections of the airways. The most important factor of a high mountain climate is the lack of oxygen, which facilitates the formation of red blood cells for oxygen transport and activates the airways.

Adrenal cortex activity is stimulated, which is like the body's own steroid treatment. The strengthening of the adrenal cortex function has an effect on the entire body and lasts for your entire stay in the high-altitude climate. 

For what allergies are our apartments and rooms particularly suited?

Dust mite allergy
With our high altitude, there are no dust mites. You will quickly be free of symptoms for the duration of your stay.

Bronchial asthma
Lack of oxygen stimulates breathing; Sunbathing has a supportive,
healing effect. Ultraviolet radiation decreases a tendency towards recurring infections.

Strengthens adrenal cortex function and supports healing; Ultraviolet radiation alleviates discomfort. With neurodermitis, low temperature can improve inflammation; the dryness of climate helps with blisters, and the wind promotes the normalization of the skin's blood flow. Ultraviolet radiation and activation of the adrenal cortex functions has a soothing effect on neurodermititis.