Even hikers who have traveled far and wide consider the Nockberge among the most beautiful spots on earth: nature as far as the eye can see! Pleasantly laid-out, clearly marked trails and paths lead right to your happiness and open up the glory of the mountains to you. If you would like to navigate in a more modern manner, you can also use GPS.

The Nockberge national park offers more than just exceptional hikes for the entire family. The "Nocken", our gentle mountain peaks, guarantee that a climb to the summit is no problem even with children.

Throughout the area you will also find interesting and varied theme trails, which really appeal to children out on a day-hike. Guided hikes will take you to the most beautiful places in the national park, and you are sure to make many interesting discoveries along the way.

Speick trail

The starting point of the Speick trail is at the Blutigen Alm Hütte. You can reach it by foot. From there, a loop path leads in approx. 1.5 hrs. through the world of spikenard, an old medicinal plant, that grows in the Nockberge. Designed for children, you will learn all about our miracle plant and can then test your knowledge with a quiz. More info

Discovery Path

The Discovery Path also begins at the Blutige Alm Hütte. Here, you will solve tricky puzzles, go on small adventures, and hike through nature with eyes open wide. And at the end, you will be appointed a Junior Ranger! This hike is also suited for small children, because the trail is located on gentle terrain. Exciting stations and tasks are awaiting adventurous explorers here. More info