Travel cancellation and deposits

Nockalm vacation cancellation insurance

Cover yourself in the event of a possible vacation cancellation - our Nockalm cancellation insurance:

  • No medical certificates
  • No confirmation

Include when you make your booking deposit. Purchasing vacation cancellation insurance has never been easier. And once you are covered, there are no cancellation costs, no exceptions, no arguments, and especially no red tape.

The cost of Nockalm vacation cancellation insurance
Flat rate independent of the booked services and the vacation costs at the Nockalm. For the
stay € 30/ adults, € 15/ child


In order for a room reservation to be binding, we ask for a deposit of € 350 per room
This deposit will be deducted from your total charge at the end of the vacation.

Bank info:  35069 / 94839 account /  Raiffeisenbank Wagrain-Kleinarl
BIC  RVSAAT2S069 / IBAN: AT323506900000094839

You can pay your final bill on-site with EC-Maestro, Visa, Mastercard, or cash.

The Austrian hotel general terms and conditions apply

If for some reason, you are unable to go on your vacation here, your deposit will remain credited to the Nockalm, and you can - without an expiration period - redeem your credit anytime for your next stay here.

If you do not wish to take advantage of vacation cancellation insurance, please note it on your payment slip or check by writing "no guarantee".

Cancellation costs:

The general terms and conditions for the hotel industry (AGBH´S) apply.
If something unexpected should happen and your vacation can not take place as planned, the following cancellation conditions apply:

Up to 3 months prior to arrival, you can cancel for free.
From 3 months to 1 month prior to arrival we charge 40 % of the price.
From 1 month to 1 week prior to arrival, we charge 70 % of the price.
With a cancellation within the last week prior to arrival, we charge 90 % of the price.

To safeguard against cancellation charges, we recommend travel cancellation insurance.

If you have not purchased vacation cancellation insurance, we will determine the official cancellation costs according to the Austrian hotel general terms and conditions; see above

The deposit will be credited to your new vacation date. You will not be refunded!
You can calculate your costs according the above mentioned information for your vacation guarantee and add this to the deposit fee and pay this amount. Now, if something should come up, it will in no way effect you financially when making a reservation.

In the case of an early departure, we charge the room price minus 15 Euro for food costs per adult and night, children minus 7.50 Euro per night.

The lunch buffet is included on your day of arrival.